The Caminho Portugûese begins

Today marked the first day of our tour of Portugal via the Camino de Santiago. The goal is riding from Lisbon (ish) to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain.

The Camino starts at the Lisbon Cathedral, where we picked up our credentials. Although we walked the first 3km to visit the tile museum, we decided we would avoid the first day riding out of Lisbon’s  suburbs and take their suburban train to the end of the line. Lisbon is quite hilly and so even getting to the station felt quite epic fully loaded. Which is to say I am probably carrying too much stuff.

The train station is at the foot of a Roman aqueduct. That’s pretty impressive. Bike at station with aqueduct in background Bridge over the train line has a camino sign

Cobbled roman road

What have the Romans ever done for us?

The train takes an hour to get to Azambuja but the Camino literally crosses the train line. The trail was easy going. A mixture of country roads (some potholes), gravel and for a while a Roman road. There was only one place it got boggy, but that place was really boggy.

Brianna rides a country roadWe had our first mechanical of the trip when Brianna’s cleat half came off and she couldn’t unclip. Ended up untying her shoe and helping her out of it and then trying to lever the cleat out of the binding. Thankfully we didn’t lose the screw or strip something.

Danni sat in the dirt repairing Brianna's shoe The only part that was a bit crappy was the climb off the river plain and into Santarém, which is only 140m up but it’s basically straight up. I’m not much of a climber on the best of days. I also have too much stuff. 

Bikes  against the Santarém sign 

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